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Indigo Music Company was found in 1995.

At present it keeps one of the leading positions in the Ukrainian Market. The Company's activity is directly related to introducing advanced sound and light, including musical instruments and professional equipment. In practice it can easily be exemplified by providing complex solutions to customers while designing and fulfilling projects for Concert Halls, Clubs, Cinema Theatres, HI-FI Centers, multimedia objects, TV- broadcast and production studious, telecommunication sites.

Nowadays, when professional equipment and technologies get much more complicated, it is important for the client to get a complex solution ready to use and to address the company, which can offer:

  • competent solutions at the design stage;
  • "on-the-fly" equipment delivery;
  • flexible and competitive prices;
  • high quality mounting and installation performance;
  • service personnel training;
  • warranty and post warranty servicing, as well as current repairs and maintenance works.

Indigo Music Company Ltd. is ready to meet all these requirements. Probably, this is the main point of the company - to have enough power and skills to become a complex solution provider for the client.

Indigo Music is under constant evolution, while spreading its activity step by step over new market sectors relatively close to the dedication of the Company.

A short Company's biography impresses with its dynamics :

  • 1995 - the Company's birthday. The first retail store is opened. Indigo staff consists of 4 persons.
  • 1996 - Indigo Music Company obtains an official distributor status from a well-known German company Konig & Meyer, a manufacturer of the world best known musical stands and accessories. During that period the second retail store is opened, the project department is created with an aim to develop and perform complex sound projects. Indigo family comprises 8 persons already.
  • 1997 - Indigo Music becomes an official distributor for such companies as CORDIAL, D'addario, Evans, Jim Dunlop, Hal Leonard, Jamey Aebersold, Yamaha, Fender, Samick. Many famous Ukrainian and Russian musicians become its permanent partners: "Mashina Vremeni", "Liga Bluza", "Dozhd'", Konstantin Meladze and other celebrated performers. The Company's dealers' net goes on growing rapidly. Indigo is treated as one of the biggest Ukrainian music companies. The employees make 12 members.
  • 1998 - Indigo Music gets an official distributor status from RICO, Weltmeister, Seidel, Rohema, Lefima, Pirastro, Master Blaster, Chinalight and Buffet. The third musical store is opened. The Company enters new more markets: cinema industry and broadcasting. A lot of broadcasting stations in Dniepropetrovsk and many other cities of Ukraine become Indigo Music clients. The Company already consists of 14 people.
  • 1999 - It becomes an official distributor for the world known leading companies in the field of audio & sound - Sennheiser Electronic and Neumann. New directions are launched in the Company's business activities: Hi-Fi, Multimedia, Audiology, telecommunication systems. "50" is the quantity of regional dealers for Indigo Music. The Company already embodies 17 persons.
  • 2000 - This is the year of the incredible break-through. The Company keeps on developing its activities in Public Address, Congress Systems and Simultaneous Interpretation Systems. The main customers are: banks, stadiums, supermarkets, hotels and other big enterprises of Ukraine, Moldavia and Russia. Indigo starts contract partnerships with engineers, designers and architects while performing projects. A process of development spreads over some other market segments, such as HI-FI, for example, which logically results in opening a HI-FI salon. It starts with Home Cinema Systems and Multi-Room concepts. As a distributor Indigo acquires such brands, as PHILIPS CSI, Interkom, Televic, Adam Hall, Palmer and SKB. The Company staff makes 19 members.
  • 2001 - The year is bright with activities in the sphere of Cinema industry and Night Clubs sound installations. And of course the Company is in a vanguard of supplying new solutions and fulfilling complex projects. Indigo Music becomes an official distributor for ELECTRO-VOICE (Cinema), TELEX, SIEL, ALDENA, SOUNDSOFT, TASCAM, TEAC. A new name appears in the field of musical instrument manufacturers - APOLLO (moderately priced guitars of a good quality). In the field of P.A. systems Indigo Music becomes an official distributor for D.A.S. AUDIO, Spain, which confidently occupies one of the first positions among sound equipment and Spare Parts manufacturers. The Indigo family already consists of 20 persons.
  • 2002 - The year of big projects, great victories and new solutions. Indigo Music becomes an authorized distributor for AXEL TECHNOLOGY, the company which produces TV & broadcasting equipment. At the end of the year Indigo Music gets a new acquisition - an official distributor status for ROBE, a giant lighting equipment manufacturer. 23 members make up the staff.
  • 2003 - distribution for SEKAKU Corporation is an important step for the beginning of the year. SEKAKU Corporation incorporates two brands - Alto and Show: Public Address, MI and many other products presenting some other market segments.
  • 2004 - The year was marked by several grandiose projects, including the new concert hall of the Kharkov Law Academy. Yaroslav the Wise, Creative Club "Bartolomeo" in Dnepropetrovsk, etc. Our company is a distributor of the Spanish company RAM AUDIO, which produces excellent professional power amplifiers and dimer units.
  • 2005 - This year an unprecedented event took place in Ukraine - the international song contest "Eurovision 2005". Our company, together with Sennheiser Electronic, developed a complete radio microphone and in-ear monitoring part in this competition. This is really cool work that you can be proud of, this is a tremendous experience, this is our company reaching a completely new level of design work. At the end of this year we launched an updated website.
  • 2006 - This year has become another milestone in the development of our company. We were nominated and won the “Best Distributors of the Year” competition held annually by Sennheiser.
  • 2007 - This year our company received exclusive rights to distribute Sennheiser in the Republic of Moldova. In Ukraine, we have developed and implemented interesting projects in the field of dubbing in film production and television. Cooperation with a number of commercial facilities under construction allows us to implement a number of interesting projects in the field of warning systems and background broadcasting. The company's turnover increased by 35% compared to last year.
  • 2008 - Our company is widely entering the consumer electronics market by cooperating with electronic consumer goods networks. We take part in the reconstruction and construction of a number of iconic objects - stadiums, hotels and cultural and business centers. Our website also became a fully functional online store. We are becoming more accessible and closer to the buyer.
  • 2009 - A global economic crisis has broken out in the world. For us, a crisis is, first of all, a time of change that strengthens our position in the market. At the end of this year we opened a branch in Kyiv. The Indigo Music Kyiv company focuses on the Consumer Electronics product group. This spring, we entered into an exclusive distribution contract with the German company Hughes & Kettner, which produces excellent tube guitar amplifiers and cabinets. In addition, we become distributors of the classical guitar brand Karl Hofner (Germany). And on July 1st, the opening of our new music store took place in Dnepropetrovsk at the address: st. Serova 15. This is a wonderful 7-hall music supermarket.
  • 2010 - Two new company websites were launched: and Our retail store in Dnepropetrovsk is rightfully considered one of the best stores in Ukraine. In the field of system management, we have developed and implemented a number of interesting projects on stylish solutions for professional voice-over and Digital Signage.
  • 2011 - Based on the results of 2011, our company achieved pre-crisis financial indicators in its work. The design and rental business received further development. Several landmark Smart Home projects have been developed and implemented, in which the principles of managing all engineering complexes located in the house are implemented.
    Our company actively intervenes in social Internet networks, using them as a business promotion tool ( Our retail store has a new room dedicated to professional studio equipment.
    Our team already has 38 people.
  • 2012 - This year the company has implemented a number of large “landmark” projects. Here are some of them: New Palace of Culture "Friendship of Peoples" in Cherkassy, Sound system for the stands at the Olympic Stadium in Donetsk, Sound system for the Vintage wine store chain, conference system in the management of the regional tax service in Dnepropetrovsk, participation in multi-media assistance to the Holocaust Museum at the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Cultural Center "Menorah", etc.
    Our store regularly hosts master classes for musicians.
  • 2013 - One more premium addition to the portfolio of distributed brands. We have signed a distribution contract with the Italian company K-Array. The company is renowned for its innovation in the world of professional audio and brings superior architectural acoustics to the market. We also began to influence representatives of the American company Crestron, which specializes in industrial circuit control components for professional and home application.
  • 2014 - Our online store is fully operational. This is a convenient Internet portal aimed at buyers, both general consumers and professionals, musicians and engineers.
  • 2015 - This year was a year of particular activity for the company in the broadcasting sector. Wonderful projects have been implemented with TV channels STB and 1+1. Interesting projects on sound and lighting design for several hotels and restaurants have been completed.
  • 2016 - We have signed a distribution contract with the world famous brand Rycote. This was a logical continuation of our activity in the broadcasting sector. A distribution contract has also been signed with Jarre Technology (France). Jarre Technology is the company of the famous French musician Jean-Michel-Jarre, a pioneer in the field of electronic music. The company produces designer portable speaker systems.
  • 2017 - This year we implemented a wonderful project to provide sound for the Kyiv Operetta Theater, where K-array acoustic and engineering solutions were used. A large set of Robe Lighting lighting equipment was supplied for television shows on the STB channel. In the field of consumer electronics, a distribution contract was signed with the American company DreamWave, which produces portable music centers for active outdoor use in all weather conditions.
  • 2018 - A new brand in our distribution portfolio is HK Audio. These are one of the leaders in the world of professional audio. Elegant acoustic solutions with guaranteed German quality. In the field of broadcasting, cooperation has begun with the German company Eurocaster. A number of interesting projects have been implemented to equip recording studios, radio and television channels. We bought a premises in Kyiv, where we plan to build our new metropolitan showroom next year.
  • 2019 - We started working with such well-known lighting brands as Ambient (stands, trims and accessories for broadcasting), Betso (owned antenna), Dreamwave (active music portable systems with high reliability) Having launched the website .ua. The installation department of the company implements a number of very complex engineering projects in Poltava, Kharkov, Kiev and Lviv.
  • 2020 - Our brand portfolio has been replenished with such brands as NANUK (the highest quality multi-functional cases for professional equipment), ORCA (professional bags for broadcasting equipment), as well as Stage Maker - professional stage winches and other elements of the mechanics of stages and concert / shooting arenas.
  • 2021 - Our new brand is Audioengine. These are high-quality active and passive speaker systems, distinguished by an elegant appearance, excellent sound and versatility of use. The new website of our group of companies has started work -
  • 2022 - During the full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation against our country, we are trying to direct our professional potential to support our armed forces and civilian infrastructure. We actively help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the forces of the local Territorial Defences. We also continue the direct professional activities of our group of companies without stopping for a minute, regardless of the circumstances. We cooperate with many regional philharmonic societies. Also, let's continue to develop the broadcasting direction of our activity. With the development of the DANTE protocol, many manufacturers began to use it, so we started working with the company Audinate, which produces world-famous DANTE audio protocol adapters and interfaces.
  • 2023 - This year was not easy for all of us. The war continues. War exhausts society and economy. But we are working and implementing a number of quite successful projects. Our new brand is XILICA. The Canadian company Xilica specializes in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality audio systems of a professional level and has a high reputation among professionals, primarily as a manufacturer of modern high-quality audio processors and interfaces, effective network solutions, speaker systems and a wide range of accessories for audio equipment.
    Our design and installation department has completed work on the sound design of the new sports multi-functional sports complex of the 5-star premium hotel SunRay

We are always on edge of innovations and fresh ideas.
We are young and ambitious.

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Indigo Music's activity is directly related to introducing advanced sound and light, including musical instruments and professional equipment.
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